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Restaurant Bunker 1:37

A restaurant that fuses American influences with Thai local ingredients. A sensation that melts your taste buds and is a pleasure for the eyes.

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Bed Bike Tours 1:00

A week-long experience with Bed Bike tours edited in a single video. And these guys have even more to offer.

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Bed Bike Rental 0:26

Have a look at some of the bikes, Chiang Mai’s all in one bike rental service has to offer!

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Marlo Fokker

Get to know me better

My name is Marlo Fokker, 24, and I am a full-time traveler, photographer, and videographer. I have a Bachelor degree in Business-IT and Management. I then worked for four years as a Storage Engineer in the Netherlands. From an age of 12, I’ve been a passionate hobby photographer, primarily focused on landscape photography. Being in beautiful destinations and to create is what I live for. This is something I really craved for while working at the office all day, which, in the end, made me decide to quit my job and start to travel.

Last year I decided to take my skill set and use it for videography, which I think is the best decision I’ve ever made. Landscape photography is a lonely, but definitely a very peaceful job. Through videography, I opened a door to work together with amazing and creative people.

The ability of people to create is what I am passionate about. The moment you see something and say “I want to experience that” or “I want to be able to do that”, that is what I want to be a part of. I create promotional videos with the vision to make the viewers crave for your product or experience. We translate the feeling and motivation of your company into a unique video, based on your preferences.

What I Offer
  • Promotional Videography
  • Consulting
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Animated titles and effects
  • High quality camera and lenses
  • Multiple focal lengths
  • Stabilized content
  • Drone footage
  • Personal interaction and feel
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